You are young, busy studying, travelling or starting a new career: now is not the time for you to become pregnant.

Biologically, now would be the best time to get pregnant; your eggs are at their most healthy and offer the best chance of a successful pregnancy. Women are born with all the eggs that they will ever have, the number depletes every month and over time the quality of those eggs deteriorates increasing the risk of miscarriage or chromosomal problems such as trisomy 21.

But you can do something about it: store your eggs now so that later when you are ready to start a family, you will have frozen your fertility at the optimal moment.

Preserving your fertility: a choice that could change your future.

Now is the time to plan your fertility according to your wishes and taking into consideration life’s uncertainties. In order to maximize your chances, it is possible to preserve your fertility from 18 years of age. The earlier that you think about this; the better the quality of eggs that will be obtained and this increases the chance for a successful pregnancy.

A thoughtful approach

ovo Cryo is a state of the art facility offering cryopreservation services: your eggs are stored at -195˚C, literally freezing all biological activity and meaning that they do not age as the eggs within your ovaries do. Our storage reservoirs are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure complete safety for your precious reproductive material.

For men

Yes, you produce sperm throughout your life, however the quality of that sperm also starts to deteriorate in your 40s and chromosome related anomalies increase. Exposure to different environmental agents can also affect your sperm and some professions increase the risk of physical injury that could affect your sperm production

It is easy to store sperm and allows you too, to freeze your fertility at the optimal moment.

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